Tuesday, August 2, 2022


I'm so bad with updating. In truth I have done very little personal art since the last update. I am consumed with my efforts at work and am happy to say it has been fulfilling most of my artistic hunger and has resulted in many recent breakthroughs. I now truly understand the pain of NDA's.

Work aside - most of the time and energy I put aside for personal endeavors has been invested in the Last Man Standing contest (Thanks Cody!). Contests always pressure me to expand and explore even more than usual - sometimes perhaps too much. I'm still a little mentally sapped from the following entries. Flawed as they are, the knowledge gained has been completely worth it.

I had a lot of trouble concerning monitors and values on these two as well. I have a habit or perhaps a penchant for using subtle value differences at the extreme ends of the spectrum. I'm practically asking for trouble. :|

Characters are hard!

Thanks to everyone encouraging me to update, makes me very happy!


  1. Dude you have made some huge strides latley. These 2 are amazing. But you don't have to take my word for it.

  2. Love the hdr of the first pic Tom. I always told you that you'd be brilliant one day, looks like I was right!

    Good to see you updating again mate.

    PS. NDA's are a bugger aren't they?

  3. nice update Tom! was wondering when we were gonna see more. I can definitely see a progression here too, these are looking fantastic.

  4. WOo TOM! nice stuff dude! I really think you are cool.


  5. yeah dude what andy conroy said.
    thanks for the motivational comment on my blog. it's always encouraging to see your posts. ha ha

    keep up the fantastic work! maybe we can tf2 it up sometime.

  6. awesome stuff tom, I really like the tree folk one.

  7. hoooraaaay, you're back tom! Keep more updates, dude! I love your concepts! :)

  8. the barfing statues are a great idea...

  9. I have to say these are wicked cool. truly epic, if only you taught me your ways master.

  10. I have to say these are wicked cool. truly epic, if only you taught me your ways master.

  11. Well done Sir,

    These are downright amazing. A departure from your normal stuff.

  12. hellz yeah Thom, you are my hero.

    I am finding the same thing, investing all my time into work work has been pretty fulfilling so far.

  13. I loved these Tom. The reds in the girls suit is awesome. You rock.

  14. rocking man!

    are you going to New Zealand?

  15. These were great- and a departure from the stuff we all love you for :) That can only make you grow as an artist.

    Glad to here work has been going well - looking forward to the time when you can show some goods.

  16. Man where did these come from??? You are growing to great in power and you must be stopped!

  17. very cool man! Everything is solid.

  18. great colors and your silhouettes and positive/negative spaces seem to cover up any flaws you have ;)

    nice paintings!!

  19. Awesome stuff Tom. I am really impressed.

  20. Dear Tom, Sam and I just saw two great masterworks by some kid named, TOM SOUL.

  21. TOM...seriously I don't even know what to say to you. It's been too long...and...i'm...so...sorry! You obviously are doing frick'n great. I really really like your work. keep it up please! i've graduated...so hopefully i can make more time to talk to you and everyone else. cheers homie. you're awesome! lets talk.

  22. These are great. Love that green one.

  23. Dillon: Thank you buddy, it's been real. Glad we are still office buddies, you're gunna love the window - it's like doing crack while on speed! But don't take my word for it.
    David: Thank you sir, any more predictions for the future? I'd like a hot tub maybe? Yeehaw. NDA's suck! How you doing up in the UK?
    demonhand: Heya Carl ! Going to try and keep up with the personal art again. What you up to?! Schoolin?
    Andy: Hey buddy. You sir are the cool one, but now that you have a north facing office it seems you are too important to hang any more. Damn son!
    MattMatt: Shyeah buddy! Tf2? I'm done with the game, too addicting. I lost something like 200 hours into that game! Good lord.
    Jason Newkirk: Thanks dude! I miss you Fall Liners, we need to lunch it up!
    mall: <3 Hey mall! Love your stuff too!
    marctaro: Would love to see you do some barfing statues!
    maarten keizer: Thank ya kindly, what would you like to know?
    Jason Kim: Hey dude! I've said it before but I will say it again, glad you are back and cookin!
    Ben Mauro: Hell yes my friend. How's round 3 of the LMS treating you? Huhuhuh? Stressed for deadlines? Muahaha :D Thanks for winning! Don't forget me now that you are super famous at Sony.
    Rich Pellegrino: Ricccccccccch! RIICHHHHHHHH! Thanks dude, glad to see you updating like crazy.
    Francis Vallejo: Thanks dude! NZ? I think so maybe, want to see the instructor list first.
    Scott Altmann: Thanks very much good sir! Had a lot of fun experimenting with these, was quite the challenge.
    Adam Ford: You can't stop the Coletrain baby! Wait sorry wrong game, wait sorry life isn't a game. I mean, crap. Hey I need to come bug you for knowledge next week.
    Marcobucci: Thank you sir!
    Naomiful: Naomi! <3 How kind of you to visit miss! You've certainly been kicking ass lately! *high five*
    Sam: You're family, you have to say that!
    Gale: You're family, you have to say that! Tom Soul? That's great, I'm going to use that. :D
    Phillip Vose: PHILLLLLL! Sorry? Don't be sorry. Imma write you an email and see how life is with you and all.
    Ryan: Thank you kindly!

  24. "To know that we know...."


  25. These are soooo amazing. Seriously. Amazing.

  26. Murk: What?! Crazy! I wish you were my real dad.

    Alan Tew: Thanks so much buddy! :) You inspire meeeeee.