Thursday, May 6, 2010

The night's catch.

A quick two from tonight. After finding myself a little burnt out from too many bigger paintings going on at once I've found solace and even joy from doing lots of sketches. I think now may be a stage in which I should focus on studies and experimentation more and more ...

Hope you don't mind me posting studies here, I'm not sure what to think about it but I'd like to share. I'll probably revisit these two when the time comes.

I've had fun lately experimenting with smudge and sharpen if you couldn't tell already.


  1. These are the most traditional looking digital paintings I have ever seen... They ARE digital right? I have your old brushset from a few years ago but it has clearly evolved.

  2. I love how it looks like real paint.
    great color schemes.

  3. I had trouble figuring if it was digital or not, i'm trully impressed.
    I dig your colors.
    May i ask, is there any place i could find that old brushset ?

  4. Really nice. Colours really set a tone in the scenes.

  5. The top image looks like oils :O Absolutely brilliant. I find solace in sketches, with no pressure to finish them, often prefer them :)

  6. amazing style man, love those last painting, keep painting : )

  7. Hi Thom,
    These are brilliant mate. The brush marks look like real paint!
    I think sketches are just as valid as longer paintings, they always have so much vitality.
    Keep up the great work, been enjoying your newer stuff a lot.

  8. I really love those quick studies. So the answer is : KEEP POSTING THEM!


  9. Beautiful love! I really enjoy the first one, all the colors in the horizon are gorgeous!!!!!<3 <3

  10. cool work man,
    I love your lights

  11. beautiful pallets! are these from imagination or photograph? And ABSOLUTELY we love to see your studies!

  12. these are great, please post more sketches

  13. wonderful work, Thom! Hope you are enjoying it in Seattle.

    Greeting from the Ranch...

  14. Sweet experimenting! Looking forward to more. Cheers.

  15. I love the first one so much! <3

  16. experimenting is what it's all about my friend. don't're killing it! p.s. i'm good thanks. hope things are going well for you too.

  17. Garrett Hanna: Yesshir, 100% Digital. Mannnnnn, that old brushset is bunk. I don't even know what's in them. The brushes I use now aren't even mine :| Hope you are well amigo!

    Rick Walter: Thanks very much! Workin hard to look less digital :)

    Icha: Heheh yay! I'm glad it's convincing enough. Doing my best. The old brushset is bunk, Nothing special on there and plenty of garbage. I use other peoples brushes these days ... :S

    Fran Johnston: Thank you much!

    A. Riabovitchev: Thank you kindly sir~!

    Lady T: Thanks very much! Doing my best to camoflauge digital paint. Sketches have been really fun and I think it's accelerating my learning a bit to be free and experimental but lord I have a folder of 30-40 things that are unfinished at this point.

    PaoYunSoo: Thanks very much! I will!

    Jake Gumbleton: Thank you sirrrrrrrr, glad its working. I'll post more sketches in the future.

    Louis-Phillipe: Thanks very much, I will!

    Gabriele Pasqualino: Thanks mister, have fun at Blizzard this summer! :D

    Tiffany Prothero: You're gorgeous ! <3

    Alessandro Vene: Thank you sir!

    Geoff Shupe: Thanks amigooooo! Hope all is well.

    Tim Ridley: Imagination sir, I've been trying to use reference more though. I've too many bad habits. Thanks for the kind words.

    Kan Muftic: Thank you friend :)

    Fossfor: Okay! Thank you!

    Phattro: Thanks very much, enjoying seattle quite a bit. Lovely work you've got, how are things at the ranch?

    Scarlet: Thanks very much, I'll post more soon.

    Clo: <3 You're sweet.

    Philip Vose: Hey buddy! :) Have you got any IM of any sort? We should chat. :)