Saturday, March 17, 2007

Doodle Potpourri

I've been hesitant to post the more sketchy stuff for some reason, only wanted to show the cream of the crop - but that's dumb and updates are far an few in between. So from now on I'll update more :)

So, you will see some quicker dirtier stuff stuck in with the usual ;)

Here is a big "I'm sowee" dump:

This first one is for my good friend Victoria Maderna:


  1. Aside a little mistake [it's Pot-pourri, Tom], nothing but love and respect for your last update. Mike and I talk about you and your art last week, and what I see here confirm all the good we think about you....
    Now, where's my bot ? :P

  2. Tom--

    Love the third one on there. Really really elegant. And like julien, I'm ready for my own robut!!

  3. Julien: Hahah, is that a french word? Damn! You guys had a secret meeting about me? You're not going to have me killed are you? :\ Hahaha, your bot? Err, it's in the mail - you know how slow that can be, especially intercontinental.

    Ben: Thanks man! That one was fun. Hahah a robut for you too? Damn, I should have said she paid me $500 - *cough* because she did. *whistles nonchalantly*

  4. Yeah, Tom: it's a french word. The english equivalent I know is "Melting-Pot". Don't worry, I don't think Mike cross the Atlantic ocean just for a secret meeting... But be sure we talked about you... :P Hahaha ! Geez ! Intercontinental mail ? That's an honor, I can't wait to have it in my hands.

  5. Robin: Want me to sign your boobies?

    Julien: Ahhh, interesting. Here in the states, Pot-pourri (though it still means like you said, a melting pot) is usually a bunch of stinky junk soccer moms use to make their house smell good. I'll make you a french gasmask pancake 'bot in the future when I have the mojo for them back. Cheers!