Monday, March 19, 2007

EoW and Remix

Look at that! I updated an it's only been a day, no way!

First one is for's Environment of the Week Contest;
Second is a quick remix of that, about an hour?

Crits and Comments greatly appreciated, Questions too!

Oh, also -
Go vote for my good friend Vic's character "Ye Olde Bunny" !!!


  1. Min says this isn't working, maybe he is right? or no....

  2. nice stuff all throughout man! will definetly be back for more.

  3. Hey Tom! Awesome blog you have going here man, you *have* to teach me to paint. Me and Dan. Than Dan can teach the both of us to draw, and I'll teach the two of you all about the effects the electro-magnetic spectrum might have on the intermolecular structure of combobulous compounds in Chinese fast foods during the late seventies and early eighties throughout Mid-Western America and the consequent yet perhaps unrelated shortage of daffodil scented dog shampoo.
    That way we all get something out of it :D.

    Anycase, you asked for a heads up on the photo-manip stuff - it's not exactly photo-manip, but lots of layering and such. Posted it in FF section on CA.

    cheers man, keep painting!

    - d.

  4. Your city/sea/land scapes are amazing! I like the horizontal theme, it works really well with your style.

  5. I just downloaded the portrait psd you had on concept art and went to check your blog. Now I'm kinda overwhelmed again, lol, but in a good way.

    I would love to get on the road to doing tone and digital painting with your mastery, but even if I never do, lemme just compliment you and say your art makes me want to be a better artist!

  6. Yay I feel honored that you commented on my blog. :D Thanks for the advice, I really do enjoy my classes, it's fun and different. Although right now we're doing abstract drawings... it's the hardest for me to grasp, I'm such an illustrator/realist. x_x;

  7. Ben: Thank ya sir. You really need to update your blog! I need to see more Mauro art! Though I know you ACCD folk never get any free time.

    Brendan N: Hahaha, sounds like a deal. Ask me anything you want homey, peer project v2 is probably the best place to ask so others can contribute and partake :) Hrm, now I want chinese food. Saw your photomanip stuff, really cool man - great stuff. Cheers homey!

    Jane: Thank you! It's been really fun to mess around with ultrawide canvas. Often I will even transform the entire thing even when I'm "done" and stretch it even more. Hahah about visiting your blog, I'm nothing special! Woo, you've got a cute profile picture <3.

    Naomi: Love what you've been up to lately :)

    Scott LeMien: That good sir is an amazing compliment - if I can inspire people to be better at what they want to do I am a very happy man. :) Have you seen the Peer Project at ConceptArt? Namely V2 - I've set that up to help people with color and tone; would be great to see you in there, ask anything you would like. Cheers!

    Demonhand: Thank ya!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Geez and you are only 22?! NO way! I think you are 42 pretending to be 22. What will you be doing when you are my age?! I shudder at the thought!

  9. Heheheh, Thanks Ana :)
    Sometimes I am 22 pretending to be 42, but the rest of the time I am definitely around 12 ;)

  10. awesome stuff!! these painting are so rich and complex... very inspiring indeed :o)