Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long time no see!

Been awhile :)
Sat down for the first time in over a month to do some painting outside of work. Here are a few of the ones I liked.


  1. Hi!

    amazing works as always.
    You are something like a Jedi of Landsacapes! jeje.

    "May the Colors be with you"

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  3. love'em, really dreamy. good to see you painting again. =)

  4. Great use of light, the paintings are infused with drama and mood.

  5. Tom!!

    these are amazing, especially these most rescent few, increddible compositions!

  6. It's amazing for me to see how great your landscapes are, specially when I remember your art a couple of years ago. Bravo, Tom. I'm glad to see new stuff from you !
    Cheers, mon ami.

  7. daaaaayyyyyyyum

    me say dayyyyyyum

    daylight come and me wan go home

  8. Do you just like... HAMMER these out man? These are sick environments-- very inspiring work, fellow!

  9. Also-- I wish you had a DA so I could favorite goddamn everything you do.

  10. it was way nice to meet you the other day at avalanch. this stuff is flat out aswome! amazing! keep it up man!

  11. I've missed you! I hope you can continue with updates :)

  12. Wow! these just get better and better! Great work Tom!

    ps. I saw you in ImagineFX! Congrats!

  13. Some really great landscapes. I'm very interested in your technic, perhaps you show one day ...

  14. that's what I call talent! bravo friend!

    tasty color, depth, mood.

  15. you freakin freak-
    these are gorgeous man
    3rd and 4th really hit home for me

    Okay - time for you to make a book of your landscapes. I'm telling everyone to make books fo their stuff cause i want to have them for myself. what is my problem?

  16. beautiful paintings you have here!

  17. Diantres: Hahaha, Jedi of landscapes hahaha. Somehow that's an awesome and lame title at the same time, maybe I'm the jedi groundskeeper or something... :) Thanks man.

    Rob: Homey, buddy, palster. How you doing? I'm having fun, it's so long between paints now that I have so many things I want to try. Poop.

    Alex: hey man! been too long, what you up to? Thanks for dropping by.

    Jamin: Hey man! Awesome to see you in here. You teaching this semester?

    Tyler: Hey buddy! Come upstairs and visit you bum! Thanks mucho amigo!

    Julien: Mon ami(go), been good to talk lately; glad you are loving life again. Haha yeah a few years ago, I was so CRAP. CRAAAAAAP. Still am. :O Cheers my friend.

    Ghettofab: Mel! MELLLLLLL! ... That's all I got :| Haha @_@

    Hunter: Hahah, yeah kinda ... I use all sorts of cheap tricks because I'm lazy, I mean it's more efficent. I suppose I use a lot of image manipulation stuff but on paint? Just fun messy stuff, but it's usually pretty quick. I do have a DA account! Yeah that's right :O From 2003, 2 or 3 gems on there :D hehehe. Thanks homey.

    Aaron: What up dooooood! You doing the UVSC thing again? What you got? I'll keep it up if you keep it up. Deal? Ok good. phew, that was close.

    Shou': Haha, it hadn't been too long has it? I will probably get back into the groove, or not I dunno :) hehe. It's not that I'm not painting, just painting for work these days. Chairs!

    Victoriaying: !!! How have you been? It's been good to see some updates from you again! Seriously, in love with your stuff. Share more :D And thanks, when we going to see you in IFX?!

    Jörn G Punkt: Thanks much! What would you like to know? :)

    Rich Pellegrino: Heyyyy buddy, how's life? P.s. I hate you, you magnificent bastard :)

    Scott Altmann: Scotty! Man, so many awesome people on here lately; do I have cancer? Is this a pity thing? What would you want with a book of my garbage? :P We should trade prints! Or I could trade you beer for prints! Cheers my friend.

    Ken: Thank you mucho! Cool stuff on your site, will have to remember to drop by and comment soon! cheers!

  18. 4th one is my favorite! Do you know that you painted an eye right above the tower? You remind me how much of a lazy bum I am.

  19. You've got some fantastic stuff here. Subsrcibed for sure.