Friday, June 15, 2007

Another One

Another environment in the same vein as before; sketch up to start again.
A few people mentioned how sloppy I got with the perspective, oops! Definitely paying more attention to that now. Still, I like this one ...

And the model for those who are curious :)


  1. Now I hate you even more.....

    SOOOOOO Good!

  2. Man, so super duper! Love it! Thanks for the links and info on those progs. You rule!

  3. Gorgeous man. Prince of Persia-y!

  4. Niceeeee~ The perspective is definitely dead on :)

    It needs a deathly trap to be complete and then I'd absolutely call it an Indiana Jones piece.

  5. ok thats it, i have to get my hands on this sketch up. :)

  6. Wow Tom -that definitely looks like pro concept art for a game level. I'm just saying :)
    You are too good man - I'm gonna punch you so hard when I see you !

  7. Ben: hahaha! Feeling is mutual! GRR Hate! Ok not really. Cheers!
    MattMatt: What up dood! Been a lil while, what's crackalackin? You married yet?
    Hunter: Thanks man! I should play those games... Where's the art dude?
    Amer-nazri: Thanks!
    shou': Thanks! Perpective got rather wonky on some parts though :( Hehe, Indiana Jones, yeah I can see that!
    Alex: Yeah brother! Excited to see what you come up with. Let me know if I can help at all :)
    Sam: What up gangstaface? New photo's yet?
    Scott: Thanks scotty! That's definitely what I was trying for with these. I'm going to block that punch and counter with a jab when I see you! (man... hope I can make it to ComicCon...)

  8. beta_god: haha speechless? Thanks!

  9. Man I'm diggin this in mondo amounts. Your blog also has one of the best names ever!