Sunday, September 23, 2007

lazy sunday

Two from today, what else to say? Mm, how you been? :P
Edit: Updated the 2nd one, got some crittage. Thanks devin.


  1. Noice. Nice to see even your 'lazy' Sundays are kicking out work! :P

  2. sundays are always so lazy...
    amazing painting!

    hey Tom!
    check that Min (bumskee) posted in my blog XD:


  3. Hurray for lazy Sundays and fun brushes!

  4. Nice use of negative space in that second one Tom! :)

  5. Great stuff Tom! Do you have any process animations for this or PSD files? I'd love to check em out.

  6. Nice color and contrast. Looking good.

  7. Great sense of narrative in that second one. While there isn't exactly anything happening, it's easy to sink into the environment and imagine yourself wandering the path, and coming up on this meditating figure, or statue.

    And as a rockclimber, I can't help but want to tackle that overhanging arch!

  8. Wonderful landscapes!!.. I am understanding better what you mean about values.. the only problem is that I have to post some draws before I start to playing with..

  9. Geez- I miss a few posts if I blink. Great stuff all around, and I particularly like the last post.
    good stuffins

  10. awesome man. that last one is eye-catching. good to see your still at it.

  11. Martin: Thanks buddy! Hehe, feels good to just be able to relax at home and do nothing but paint. Maybe not lazy but not particularly active ;) What you been up to?
    Diantres: Thanks mucho! I am not a stalker, the real stalker is min. He even has a knife, a huge stalker knife! It's pink. :O
    shou': Thanks duder! It's actually just two brushes! A round and a textured round with a grassy texture inside :)
    Dave: Dave! Great of you to stop by. How is life my friend?
    Joe Slucher: Hey buddy! No process but remind me and I will send you the PSD's! Cheers buddy!
    Dillon: DILLLONNNNNNNNN! Thanks buddy, see you at work. Hope you have updated your blog!
    Min: You aren't a jerk. See I fight evil with kindness you stupid cow! :D hehe, how's life buddy?
    Mike: Thanks very much mike! It makes me very happy whenever people imagine themselves withing the environment! Makes me happier to hear it from you, love what you have been up to man. Sorry I won't see you in Seattle :( SDCC then?
    bog_art: Thanks very much! Not sure what you meant by your last sentence. Going to check by your blog in a few :)
    Wasker: Rough! RAR! Thanks.
    Scott: Hehehe, I stopped blinking years ago. :O Thanks for dropping by buddy!
    Rich: Thanks buddy! Where the hell you been? :( Show me new arts!
    Wayne Porter: Thanks much!

  12. wow, your works are amazing...! what a scenery.

  13. wow! so great! I love the detail and the composition!

  14. Okay I might have missed it somewhere but what brushes do you use? ext. 286

  15. thanks soo much for all the help bro. you rock!!

  16. Heya fancy pants, are you coming out for Gnomon Live? If so, I have a gift for you. It is the gift of song. Karaoke baby! :D

  17. Hey man -just stopped by today for the first time . Beautiful textures and sweeping landscapes - I really like the opacity mixtures , gritty and atmopsheric .

    Great stuff altogether .

    Cheers .

  18. Greetings!Color very much is pleasant to me! Beautiful style!Good bye! I wish good luck! Lena.