Sunday, January 27, 2008


Used the last painting as a starter for this one. I think the last one is more successful in a few ways but I learned a ton on this one and had fun detailing; something I rarely do. Still, quite a few things about this one I don't like and could noodle forever, but I'm ready to move on.

The dog has let the human roam free of his leash on this one.

Edit: Let me squeeze one more in here. Quickie remix from this last one. Good fun. Thought about adding a figure but thought it would ruin it. I like this one actually :)

Click the image!
Gorilla Illustration by Alexander Draude.

Wanted to announce the launch of, a new art collective blog of which I am a member. You'll probably see the same stuff from me that you do here, but you don't want to miss out on what the other members are posting :) Should prove to be a sweet little hub. (Thanks to Fed and Vic!)


  1. Nice! Your landscapes remind me of David Casper Friedreich, they have the same feel for me.

    It was good meeting you at the workshop. I feel like I should have already known your work!

  2. love em man! keepin me entertained ;)

  3. heyyyyyyyy wtf??? I come here and theres plenty of new stuff????!!! WHat did you do with Thomas?

    your my hero, thats why I didnt say goodbye...wouldve been to emotional for me..sniff

    we will have to do lunch sometime

  4. your landscapes make me cry with delight! great stuff Tom

  5. Soja: Hehe happy to inspire :) Gabo Garza is such a badass isn't he? You should definitely make it out to one of the CA workshops! Cheers!

    Jaime: Thanks Jaime! Friedreich has some really sweet stuff, thanks for cluing me in to him. I was really glad I got to talk to you and watch you paint at the workshop, I learned so much and was inspired greatly. Looking forward to seeing more Jaime art!

    Matt Berger: Mattmatt, how the hell you been?!

    Mel: Hey dude! Hehe I got back from that workshop and have been painting my ass off dude. Hahaha, you should have still said goodbye! Let's do lunch real soon, next week even :P

    Jason: Thanks buddy! We need to do lunch too dude!

    Rich: Thanks man! Love what you have been up to. You been playing tf2 lately?

  6. What 'did' you do with Thomas? Like the colors on the top one most.

  7. Interesting to see how the other half works. Thanks for the up close version.

  8. It would be very nice if you credited the original author of the pictures you're basing your work on!

  9. Dillon: Thanks buddy! No idea what you mean :P
    Robin Neudorfer: Thanks much! What other half is this?
    Anonymous: To what are you refering to? The paintings in this post were created without reference. The image link to our group blog is credited as well. Please clarify, thanks!