Saturday, February 2, 2008

Landscapes and Color Demo

This was a demonstration done at work. Video is 2 hours reduced down to 10 minutes. Please excuse all the zooming, it's a valuable way to check your shapes; it's not nearly as annoying when it's not 12x the speed. See the divshare link for a full resolution (1600x1200) XviD video and check back with a few days for the PSD file if you are interested.

Full Resolution Video: CLICK!

Here are a couple more from work. Working on encoding a video of the 2nd one if there is interest.


  1. I thought this one summed you up bro:

    "Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual."
    - Arthur Koestler

  2. Why don't you just use the navigator instead of zooming out? It's easier :D

  3. DUDE U're awesome!!
    Thanks so much!!

  4. wow, neautiful landscapes, I really like the second one, all of them feel so much natural and calming

  5. Hey, thanks a lot for making these process videos. I've been trying to improve my mediocre painting skills and I've really found them helpful.

  6. I hate getting on these blogs and seeing nothing but over excited sentences with to many exclamation points.

    seriously though... this is great. you have really been pushing yourself lately and I respect that and it shows in your work. keep it up. These really are pretty great.

  7. Sweet. Hey next time could you sync your zoom in/out to the rhythm of your track? Thanks.
    Have you also tried the Window/New window for blah.psd? Nice way to have a zoomed out version of your image up alongside your full size one.

  8. I didn't know I could hate you more. :P

    Great stuff. I'd love a slower version with voice-over from you. You know, your own little downloadable DVD. :D

  9. Adam: Thanks dude, once you explained what you meant on MSN I realized that was such a huge compliment :) Cheers buddy.

    Justin: Old habit I guess, just faster for me - I guess I like to see where my brush is too? Also like to paint smaller and bigger sometimes. Dunno, going to try and get used to it for the next time I do a demo so it's not so painful.
    ducduc: You're welcome! My pleasure dude and thanks!

    Mike: Thanks Mike, glad they are calming :) Happy I can have that affect. Cheers!

    GarbagePillow: My pleasure, I'm really happy if they can help! I'll try and keep an eye out on your blog. Cheers!

    Andy: Thanks buddy, means a lot to me :) And horeechit! You pimped me on your blog?!

    Mark: Hahaha, definitely got to do something about the zooming that's for sure. I'll try and get comfortable for the new window thing. Cheers dude, hope you are doing well :)

    Ben: Hahaha, hate only hurts the hater :P Neener neener! About my own downloadable DVD; you just want to hear my sexy voice. perve. Slower version I could probably do, voice would just take too long :P I'm lazy. Would much rather paint too.

  10. your makin this quite the habit aint ya....

    thanks for sharing as it always makes me feel like I dont do enough with my life

  11. I'd love to see the video from the second painting you did. keep up the awesome work man.


  12. The color in this is image is amazing. Love your work...hate your methods on TF2.

  13. Tne compositions are magical. I'm becoming a fan.

  14. Man, your paintings are great.loved them and music too!(btw, i really dying to know what was the music :D)

  15. Man, your paintings are great.loved them and music too!(btw, i really dying to know what was the music :D)

  16. Tom Tom Tom...
    maan your stuff is SLICK!!!

    Hey Andy, giiit over the exclamation marks .

  17. Mel: Hehehe, just a bit of a habit. Dude come on, I know you - you work your ass off both professionally and personally - and you have a family! I think you are doing too much with your life, relax already :P

    Mathew: Yeah dude, damn! I keep forgetting to reencode that at work. Will write myself a reminder for tommorrow. Stab ya later in TF2?
    Joe: Hahahah Joe, thanks a ton man. The feeling is mutual - about TF2 even. Aw man, I want to play now...

    Nathan Fowkes: Nathan this is such a huge compliment coming from you. I'm really happy you posted here. I've been tempted to come out to LA for a workshop or two, any chance of you doing something like that in good ole Utah?

    Anonymous: Man! You are everywhere Mr. Anonymous! The music is by Vitalic. You should definitely check him out, some of the most amazing music in terms of composition I have ever come across. Cheers!

    Tyler: Tyler dude! You should come by the studio or something dude! How's life?

  18. These are wonderful! Keep it up man, post more videos when you get the chance!

  19. Great composition man! Loved the video too! Can't wait to see more.