Friday, August 1, 2008

Tac Oh!

Wanted to polish this one a bit more, but uhm - it wasn't working, just ended up making it worse :P
Anyhow, haven't been spending that much time doing personal work lately - going to see what I can do about that ...

Oh! ComicCon was great. So happy to meet old friends and new friends :)


  1. hey nice job! the big shapes are nice and there's a good sense of balance, which seems to be your strong point. color's also maturely used. i'm linking to you from my blog!

  2. i was at comic con too! it was pretty rad.

  3. "Oh is that a taco I see there??.."
    "..OH SHI-"
    [sucked away by sands of time]

  4. Good to see friend. And grats on the big print at avalanche. It looks awesome.

  5. Recently discovered your blog, your work is truly beautiful. very inspiring!
    ill add your link on my blog!

  6. Matt Crotts: Thank ya kindly. Definitely my comfort zones, trying to push and pussssssh. Thanks for the link!

    Ian Jacobson: Yell Hes it was. Did you hit up any of the sketch parties?

    Johnny Shen: Tacoooooooooo! Sands of Tacoooooooo! oooooh. sheet.

    Micah: Then lets get some tacos. Change your display pic already!

    Virginia: Hey Lady! You've been such an inspiration to meeeeee! Thank you thank you thank you.

    Scorpio: Thanks very much! Fun fun stuff on your blog mister!

  7. Dang, Tom, your work just keeps getting more and more engaging. Even your "doodles" capture the eye with barbed talons and Stickum (tm).

  8. ghgraphics: Thank you kindly sirrr, taco on the house.

    Tim: Thanks very muccccch! Which Tim are you? Your profile isn't available :( Yay for stickum? Stickum?!

  9. You guys all have to cut that work business out and start posting more!
    Sorry I missed you at the con. Didn't even know you was going. Next time.

  10. great seeing you again buddy, paintings are kicking ass as usual.Really love the recent series, great positive negative shapes.


  11. Mark Behm: Yaaaaaaaaa! No more work! You should come visit or something you bum! Next time at the con for sure. I think Ryan and Todd will have a booth! Yeehaw.

    Ben Mauro: Likewise buddy, was great to see you. I still find it funny that you were running the register :D Thanks for your constant attention and help, means a lot.

  12. Scrumptious ! Love the really rich atmosphere and depth . All of these paintings are so epic !
    Love em .

    Cheers Tom .

  13. Simon: Thanks so much dude, love love your stuff. Really inspiring. Makes me smile when I see you over here.

  14. God this just rocks!

    I see a cheesy taco there. The way you paint in those shapes is to cool. radical work!

  15. awesome landscape man! I love your use of colors on all of your work.