Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Blog

I took about a half-inch thick stack of doodles and sketches home from the other day because I finally have a scanner. Yeehaw - about 2 or 3 inches left at work... nothing fancy, just a few minutes here and there - things during meetings, during breaks and some fun stuff from DrawNights.

The plan is to use the new blog for quicker studies and sketches and this for the finished stuff. Hope you enjoy!


  1. awesome im going to add this to my blog roll

  2. I'm going to visit your new blog now!

  3. hey bra. it was sweet running into you. really sweet. sooper dooper sweet. hope the flight back was good. keep doing great dude. and hang in there. cheers

  4. Ian: Thank ya sir!


    Philip: Mofakka! I wish we could have hung out more :( I should have taken a longer vacation, bleh. The flight back was delayed four and a half hours, but was still ok :) Hope you are well, let's see more art! Oh, you use any IM?