Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thank you !

I wanted to thank everyone for their support as I look for a new job, really means a lot to me and I've replied to everyone in the previous post :)

I'm still searching and am open to relocating all over the country as long as it's a good fit for the sort of art I enjoy.

In the mean time here are two images I've had sitting around for awhile that are quite a bit different than my usual and were good fun to experiment with. I'm happy to say I learned a great deal from these images. I've got a few more I'd like to share with you soon, but they need another coat of polish and the majority of my time these days is dedicated to the job hunt so it may take some time.

Thanks again ! Wish me luck !


  1. Great stuff man! know your works from, like these new pictures very much. Especially top one, it looks like a game screenshot for me :) Buildings on background are from photo, or is it also painted?
    and Good luck of course :)


  2. good luck.
    Your level desserves a nice job!


  3. wow these are great i would really love to see the psds for them, if you have the time.

  4. You are great, i´ve had many of your pieces as my desktop backgrounds.

    Do you have a flickr-account?
    Mins is:

  5. Dude, I like the motion blur on the first one. The color shift on the edges towards the edge of the painting is also quite clever. It makes me think the orb is going reeeely fast.

  6. I hope you will find work with such talent like yours and everything will be fine
    Amazing works !

  7. Killer stuff man, good luck with the search. Wherever you end up, those guys/gals will be lucky to have you

    Sooo much mood in these!


  8. many lucks to you. We need to go a collab one of these fays.

  9. Man, i can't get inspired enough by your work, seens like you are always getting better.

    I wish you all the lucky you can carry. :P

    i'm pretty sure you will find the job you want.


  10. the second one reminds me a bit of myst or some kind of adventure game like that hehe. good luck!

  11. bravo! your design/composition skills are getting ridiculous. nice color, as always.. are you still in salt lake?

  12. been following your stuff on cg hub,love your work man!! anyway best of luck with the job hunt!:-)


  13. These are great man! Lots of awesomeness, and so dreamy.

  14. if your work sucked maybe then you might need some luck!!

    it doesn't suck btw

  15. Gush as usual. I can employ you, but I can't pay you. Sound like a plan? And please keep posting. Your work is inspiration.

  16. Your style is great, but, I fear, not quite popular..
    Still, Good Luck!

  17. awesome update thomas :) i love the new direction you took with those.

  18. That top one is truly amazing!!! Good luck with the new place. We'll miss you!

  19. hey man good luck out there. i doubt you'll have any trouble. <3 your stuff.

  20. Are those cyborg foosballs floating around in those paintings?
    It's been fun, Tom. Thanks for teaching me all about Photoshop. If not for you I'd still be strictly a Painter guy.

  21. I hope you are doing great, nice inspirational pieces here!

  22. Awesome work, can't wait for you to get up here.

  23. Tom, Tony here (coda).... I did not know you were out a job. Fuck! You are way too good not to be getting paid....... Where have you applied at? Any one contact you?

    Please keep me posted.

    I will put out the word with the people I know......

    As for the work- fuck'n great! These latest paintings just stink like intelligence. I can see it in everything you do. A jealous hat off to you.

  24. I'll wish you the best of luck - but hell, I don't think you'll need it ! Beautiful stuff as usual T .

    Cheers .

  25. You have a great Christmas ya hear!

  26. great work as usual and good luck on the job hunt. I just got laid off recently from Pandemic so I'm in the same boat as you.

  27. Tibor Bedats: Thanks very much! Was doing my best to give it the appearance of previs ingame work. At one point I had a hud and other effects over it actually. It's probably safe to say these are both photocollage with lots of painting and editing. Thanks for wishing me well !

    Pit. Thanks very much!

    robin: hey dood ! good to see you the other week.

    richard doble: Hey man, how's it going and how's it been?

    Ian Jacobson: Sadly they are lost, I thought I had backups before I left my old job but was horribly mistaken. Lost so much :(

    Thomwell: Thanks very much ! Can't say I have much use for Flickr yet but am eager to explore photography more and more as of late. Nice fun art on yours !

    Geoff: Hey man, miss hanging out! Hope life is good and the baby and wife are healthy and happy!

    Jeremy Elder: Pew pewwwww, camera tricks. Always a bit funny to think of painting in the things a lens sees ... hehe, ironic that it makes it seem more real. Thanks!

    Sabin Boykinov: Thank you for wishing me well ! It worked.

    Adam Tamte Volker: Hey man, thanks for your help in my search. Hope you are well, let me know if you find yourself in Seattle. I owe you a beer.

    Joe: Thanks Joe, miss working with you. Let's collab soon!

    Danilo Ferreira: Thanks very much! Very high praise! Your luck wishing did well for me, thanks !

    Tiffany: Love you!

    Emily Su: Eeeeeeee, <3. Those games are cool, I need to go check them out again.

    hummdrumm: Hey man! Thanks very much, sorry we missed each other before the move. How you been? What you up to?

    Eoghan Cowan: Thanks very much! Cghub is a lovely place.

    A.J. Trahan: Hope all is well dude, need to chat sometime.

    Randall Whiteis: Thanks man :) How's the new job?

    Toby: Hahahaha :D Thanks Toby.

    anima-base: Thank you kindly! amazing works yourself :)

    Brandon: Haha, thanks ! Unfortunately I have become trapped by modern living and owning things and paying rent, if I could drop it all and not worry about a thing excepting painting I would. Hehe, thanks again!

    A.P.: Hrm hrm hrm, is that bad? :S What do you mean specifically? Thanks!

    Gabriele: Hey man, good to talk. Thanks for your insights.

    Adam Ford: Thanks Mr. Ford, Miss you too. Good luck with the new place, would be fun to work together again. I'm sure you'll be an amazing art director.

    Workhorse: Thanks !

    Tyson Murphy: Thanks man, and thanks for your help.

    Ben Mauro: Haha, how you doing man? We need to talk moreeeee!

    Dave McClellan: Hahaha, I miss the foosball! Miss working with all you amazing people, friends. Thanks for teaching me about art.

    Marcos Mateu: Thanks Marcos, I'm doing great these days. Yourself?

    Kekai: YEEEEEEEHAW !

    Tony: Hey man! I need to drive north and visit you soon. Maybe after these olympics die down. Thanks for all the kind words and support over the years.

    SIM-R: Thanks very much Simon! Hehe, I may not have needed luck but I sure got lucky. Good to see your updates.

    Shoki: Thanks very much, I did! Hope yours was great as well.

    Jason Hazelroth: Thanks for wishing me well. Sorry to hear about Pandemic. Hope luck has found you as it has me and you are well on your way.

    Tentacle Eye: Hehe thank you! Really enjoy your art.