Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vanguard's Outpost

Things are going well, I've been super busy moving and settling into a new city and haven't had the time to update nor really to do much art. This one dates back a few months and I have sadly lost a few others in process during the move. I've resolved to create a lot of more art lately so I'm hoping to update more often either here on my sketchblog so keep an eye out if you please :)

Going to respond to those who commented on the last post now.


  1. This is focking gorgeous mano. !FOCKING! gorgeous.

  2. Seattle! Been a few times, Georgeous and a little wet-good for the moody vibe. Congrats!

    Nice painting, really good structure.

  3. your colors are so wicked man ... soooo wicked

  4. lovely piece mate, glad to hear you are settled in somewhere new!
    I really like the directional strokes you have going on in this one and the colours are great.

  5. Great to have you back, lovely painting too!

  6. Really like this, Tom. It's got all the painterly expressiveness that you've always had, but like Mr. Fowkes says, really good structure too. Hug a fir tree for me.

  7. Holy crap, this is awesome. This is my new desktop background. Damn! Put this on a postcard- "Visit Sunny Londinium - summer 899"

  8. Gorgeous :) The lighting is really strong, creates a fantastic mode!

  9. yay! nice work. Looking forward to seeing more stuff!

  10. that's tooo awesome! i'm jealous pants!

  11. Hey man - splendid painting !.Love the softness of the edges and the lighting .

    I finally linked you up last night after some well needed blog overhall . I'm trying to get back into posting regularly myself .

    Cheers Thomas .

  12. I miss me some Thomas...*sniff sniff* one of these days I will visit you

  13. great stuff man! love that latest painting. I've been following you on for a while now, just thought I'd drop in and give my support.

    Your sketchblog rules.

  14. Ryan Lee: Haha, thanks man. How's life?

    Nathan Fowkes: Yesshir, Seattle. You'll have to let me know if you are ever in the area. Thanks for the kind words and the congratulations. You're as inspiring as ever.

    A. Riabovitchev: Thank you!

    Gabriele Pasqualino: Haha, thanks dude :) How's school?

    Mehran: Thanks so much ! Hehe, definitely having fun with colors lately.

    Jake Gumbleton: Thanks mister, appreciate the congratulations. It's funny, this was actually done a few months ago and I think I am just barely catching up to some of the ideas I was working on with it ... lost a good chunk of time moving and such haha. Hope you are well :)

    Guy: Glad to be back, thanks!

    Kan Muftic: Haha man! You spell your name differently all the time! :S I guess it's not much different than me going by Thomas or Tom ... Thanks and hope you are well :)

    nachoyague: Thanks very much!

    Dave McClellan: Thanks Dave, miss working with you and miss the foos. They don't have foos up here. Shameful, what am I supposed to do with all the freetime? Work? Don't tell Mr. Fowkes - I used sketchupppppppppppp! A good chunk of the buildings are real buildings too ! Shhhhshshhshshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Emma: Thaaaaaaaaanks EMMA! You are too kind <3 Hehehe Londiniummmm.

    Dillon Thompson: <3 Miss your soft touch.

    Jeremy Elder: Thank ya kindly!

    Finn Clark: Thanks very much ! I actually very much lost enthusiasm at a point and went back and reworked all the lighting, shadows here and there - didn't really have to make sense but needed to engage me more than what I had.

    Lady T: Thanks very muchhhhhh!

    Tiffany Prothero: noooooooo you're amazing !!!

    Karl Simon: Thank youuuuu! New post just a few minutes ago. See you around I hope :)

    Megalaros: Hey doodsmith, thanks a dozen! You've been kicking some ass lately :) Hope you are welllllll !

    SIM-R: Thank you Simon :) Got you linked up now as well. How's life? How's the film business?!

    GhettoFab: I miss you too! Come visit damnit ! Not sure when I be in Utah next ...

    Eytan Zana: Thanks very much, I appreciate the support~! Cheers! New update at the sketchblog as well.

    Jordan Patchak: Thanks! I'm happy about it too. Doing my best to have an update at both blogs everyweek. Thanks for the kind words.

  15. Impressive painting, Tom!

    Welcome to Seattle! Hope you like it here. Hit me up sometime if you feel like it.

  16. Stunning work Tom, great to see.