Monday, February 22, 2010

spare moments

A pair done quickly, anything I added seemed to take away so in essence I suppose they are complete. Done with spare moments, the kind I wish were in abundance.

Also updated SketchpadofDoom with a few more sketches.
Going to respond to those who commented on the last post now.


  1. beautiful stuff as always Tom! the underwater scene is absolutely mesmerizing!

  2. I really like your way of show the light.Remind me Arhip Kuinji.:o)

  3. what the fuck man, these are insanely awesome!

  4. raaa amazing colors (long time I've not seen new work from you, always an eyes pleasure ;)

  5. Great colours and brushwork as always. I love the rich blues in the top one especially.

  6. WOW!!!!!!! Seriously, these are beautiful!! your a hot tamale, heheheh :D

  7. wow. that first one is BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Your landscapes are stunning! You manage to convey the most amazing feeling of space and depth, it blows me away.

  9. OOOOH! I likey likey. Especially the cowboy one

  10. Very nice my friend!! Great colour!

  11. mo: Thank you kindly. Been having fun with underwater scenes lately but I think I may need to go above ground for a bit. Cheers.

    a.riabovitchev: Thanks! I wasn't familar with Arhip Kuinji until now - amazing! Thanks for the grand comparison and thanks for the introduction.

    Kan Muftic: <3 thanks my friend.

    Cody Miles: Thanks mister, how you been? We should have beers sometime sooooon.

    marmotte: <3 I love your art, you know that I hope. Hopefully I will keep updating weekly. We'll see.

    Finn Clark: Thanks as always for keeping an eye on me :) I'll do my best to keep you interested :)

    Tiffany Prothero: Love you <3

    dadu shin: eeeeeeeeeee bee ay ehn ay ehn ay ess? YAY ! Hehe.

    Romain: Thanks very much !

    ashley mackenzie: Thanks so much! <3

    Adam Ford: Miss working with you misterrrrrrr. Glad to keep in touch.

    Rawls: Appreciate it homey!

    Scott: Thanks!

    Emrah Elmasli: Thanks mister, what you been up to?

  12. lovely lovely lovely mate. Your digital paints are so uniquely yours. Its great to see someone making stuff that does not look like everyone elses!

  13. Mr. Scholes your work is impressive. The atmosphere in your paintings carry a very palpable tangible narrative weight to them. Brilliant stuff.