Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just Playing

Just playing on these, same sort of techniques - some new twists but I feel my enthusiasm waning. Time for something new ;). I think I'm going to do the OFDW at CGTalk, some other studies. Maybe it's time to break out the paints again? Can't wait for spring, can finally go outside and draw without frostbite.

Oh, you might have noticed a new face to the blog. Played with this for several hours today, who knows if this is what I stick with or not; was fun to play around. Just a template that I customized and altered a bit, this html and etc. makes my head hurt.

Anyways, more unfinished doodles -


  1. tommy you cow! youve have indeed mastered the art of...i guess, subtle saturation? lovely light palettes that somehow have such an amazing depth. and cool layout btw o_O

  2. I like the last two.. great great.. :D nice what u did with the blog.. hehe

  3. Oh oh - the second one has the greatest palette - I am going to steal that one day. I'm serious. I am in love with it. I may be bugging you for a high rez of that :)

  4. I love them, now do those studies all the way through and don't give up! GRR!

  5. Gorgeous work on all of these! And congrats on the SOTW! :D

  6. Its always a Great pleasure to see ur works..TOPNOTCH ! Great going with those cityscaps & landscapes :)

    btw, ur blog is looking really KICKASS !! how about making a tutorial about that too :D

  7. Timmytim: Hehe, thanks man! There is so much about color I still want to learn, maybe I will go nuts soon and not make any sense with color; should be fun. :D

    Min: *pokes you in the eye* Thanks buddy!

    Scott: Thanks man! Imma go grab the high res and email it to you, someday when I get off my lazy ass I need to send you some prints too!

    MattMatt: Hahaha, I don't finish many studies do I? It's really the beginning that interests me I think. The rest, not so much. I'm really just looking for process and foundations. Werd, what about you? You need to do some studies!

    Rebecca: Thanks lady! :D How's your thesis coming? HUHUHUHUHUHHH?

    Shyam: Heheee! Thanks man! About the blog, let me know if you need any help configuring yours. I really just ripped off a template I found called foliage and changed the images out and a few other things is all. This HTML stuff is hard work for us visual people :D Cheers buddy!

  8. Great stuff Idiot- also love the robot sketches/doodles from your previous posts...

    great looking hack job on your blog too, very personal.

  9. Thanks Jake :)
    Figured me blog needed a litte bit of a personal touch :)

  10. Great stuff tom :) love your blog!
    I added you to my links btw..