Monday, February 12, 2007

Today's Doodles

Just some quicker doodles today; trying the same techniques as below but with quicker monochrome sketches. Using color balance and a few other tricks to stretch that a bit. Nothing special really, didn't even feel like fleshing these out - just playing with shapes. Let's just say, keyword: half-assed.

I do like the limited palette, almost duotone on these - so simple but can be so convincing. Will also need to play with the lone robot and master idea, they can be my anchor in cityscapes perhaps.


  1. Your version of half-assed would require me to spend an enitre week just to get one of those! Don't you have a burnout to go through or something? :P

  2. I am uncomfortable with how good you are getting so fast. Dope to the D to the pickle P

  3. I agree with Mike and Scott. Not fair on how good you are getting. Bit tongue stick out to you! :P

  4. :D nice one tom!!!!!!!!!!! teach me colours!

  5. I like a lot these last landscape, Tom. There's a little "dry marker" pattern in them. Brings energy to it. Nice job, mon ami !

  6. Mike: Heheheh, they would take me an entire week too; without a bag full of cheap tricks that is :) Burnout? I think I can feel it actually @_@. Cheers Mike!

    Scott: Hahah, where is my slang dictionary? Your discomfort fuels my progress, muahaha! Very encouraging :) Cheers Scott!

    MattMatt: :P Harrrrrrr! Just think of when we hit up San Diego.

    Min: :D Of course, anytime. I told you to email me any questions too you remember? :P wang.

    Julien: Hmm, dry marker pattern? What do you mean? Merci mon ami!