Monday, February 5, 2007

Today's Paintings from Yesterday

Right, crazy title I know. Missed a night of sleep, but I was productive at least right?

Photoshop, 2 hours or so for the first one. The rest are "derivatives" of this first one, or derivatives of derivatives, with of course lots more to it than just that. Lot's of little tricks, that sort of thing ;)

Please feel free to post any questions!


  1. Let me just be the first to say, "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!" :D

    Tom, your work is amazing and I wish a little of your prodigiousness would rub off on me - love these latest paintings, they're simply gorgeous! Looking forward to my color classes! ^-^

  2. Uhh, you better add me on that friggin friends of a friends thing or I'll come to Utah and scrape your window... making that psycho annoying sound that like on a chalk board.

    I like the enviros. Dang, wish I could do that in PS. :/

  3. Tom, mon ami !
    I'm so glad you decide to start a blog ! Can I say something about your landscape ? I love that bunch, man. I'm always impressed by the improvements you made during that past year. Can't wait to see what you'll coocking for us in the future.
    From France With Love.

  4. Rebecca: Hahaha, yeah. But you're never satisfied, now I have to get a website too! :D hehe. Prodigious? Precocious? *dies*

    MattMatt: Hahaha, didn't know you had a blog. You're up there now homey.

    Jake: :)

    Julien: You were finally the one who topped it off, convincing me to start a blog. Merci mon ami!

  5. I had your sketchbook in my "blogs" folder, and it just wasn't the same! Glad you finally started one up.... and thanks for mentioning it to me in your response post at CA. I'll do my best to lay down some free promotion material for ya. hehe.

    p.s. Speaking of starving artist in your intro post, I was the iron chef of top ramen.

  6. Mike: Hehehe, your blog was a big inspiration for me to make my own! Iron Chef of Top Ramen! No way! We must battle!

    Got some secret surprises for promotional materials muahaha.