Saturday, June 9, 2007

Environments OF DOOM!

Been trying to work on my conceptual side a little more, usually I work with a sort of chaos technique (read: messy and random :P) So anyways, First up is ConceptArt.orgs current (you might catch it if you hurry :P ) Environment of the Week: Floating Bazaar. Played with Painter a little bit on this one. After that is just a personal study, just started with some blocks in SketchUp and went from there :) Model is the last image if you are interested :)


  1. i really like the first one..great mood! I have to try SketchUp too :D

  2. I have heard of this 'Sketch up' business before. For the most part I try and come up with my own perspectival systems and stuff though... I dunno... just to make sure I never forget or something :P

    These are awesome man. I'm saving them into my "Artwork that isn't mine" folder for future reference-- when I get off my lazy ass.

  3. Second one has a great Final Fantasy/ Zelda feel to it. But I really love the mood in the first one. The lonely character is a great touch. Nice to see those personal effects, even if these are more concept art based.
    Are the models pre-built or do you do that yourself in Sketch-Up?

  4. h1cks: Thanks! Was trying a few new things out there, some spotlighting was one of them. Let me know what you produce in SketchUp :)

    Hunter: Yeah man, it's true - it can definitely be a crutch. I have zero experience with perspective and so far it's really helped me not only visualize in perspective but actually learn to work in perspective. Shouldn't be afraid of crutches, they are there to help you learn to walk :P Just don't forget you can never run with them. Now, get off your lazy ass! Go draw anything man, something fun! Or not, no clue when you go back to school :P

    Mike: Thanks Mike :) I'm trying to focus a little more on production/concept art for the time being. Trying to flex my muscle - I've really got very little practice in pre-visualization. I've built all the models so far, haven't really looked at their stock - though I know it's huge and has many real buildings. Would probably come in very handy if you had to do some famous landmarks etc. Other things could be useful as props I think. But I don't know, not sure I could stay motivated if it wasn't "my baby". I mean, I'm already cheating with perspective :P hahaha. Cheers buddy!

  5. Awesome stuff tom- and not just this specific post. I love the sense of color and atmosphere in the enviro's and you have a great approach to figures as well. I don't think there is anything out of your grasp. There might be some things you haven't tackled yet, or focused on completely, but you learn fast as hell and you have all the natural tools one could wish for.
    That's my motivational speech for ya :)
    rock on bud!

  6. Imma gon break your knuckles.... You're too friggin good, kid.

    I need to figure out the sketchup, since I downloaded it but haven't used it yet. (I was mad you could only choose one pre-packaged library to download too!)

  7. Glad to see someone else adopting sketchup for use in concept painting. (drafting out perspective is way outdated) I love your work and I bet soon you will be using SU for all sorts of crazy stuff. You should play around with the follow me tool and check out the cool forms you can make for paintovers or even for just making custom PS brushes.

    I've got your site bookmarked now and I expect to see more leetness :)

    Oh and in case you guys didn't know, you can go here

    for video tutorials on all the SU features.

  8. Scott: Hahaha thanks for the motivational speech man! There is so much still out of my grasp ... I still get crazy frustrated too! I did a portrait in oil today that is getting burnt to a crisp asap... *cough* But I think that's what keeps me coming back... :)

    Ben: Fight to the death! RArrRAR! Did you do the tut's for SU? Do those and watch the videos, takes like 30-45 minutes to learn really. Good stuff. Haven't looked at the pre-packaged stuffs yet. Chairs!

    Christopher: Hahah! I suppose for production work it's definitely outdated or slow. Though, I think doing it manually is still important and perhaps vital in really understanding it? Follow me tool? Where can I find that? I'm using the freebie version :\. Where's your site chief?

  9. I agree it's good to have that foundation and knowledge before using SU. I suppose it is a bit like learning math before learning to use the calculator. How many times these days do you manually calculate compound interest rates by hand?

    Anyway at this point in my life after having so many years of technical & architectural drafting under my belt, I never want to draft a technically correct spiral stair ever again.

    For me using SU lets me focus on the painting and frees me up from the shackles of the ruler and triangle.

    The follow me tool is in the free version too. The only difference between pro and free is the ability to export 3d model formats. Not a big loss really. Follow me can be found under the tools menu. This video walks you through what it can do....

    Sorry I don't have a blog or site :\ . However, I do have a CA sketchbook which can be found here...

    If you want to see what SU can really do then I recommend checking this site out...
    He has a bunch of videos of his process which is helpful in opening your mind to what is possible with SU.

    Oh and over all the google warehouse is very hit and miss. Usually in the time it takes to find what I am looking for I can build it.

  10. Enviroments of doom indeed. That top one is amazing. Your light and atmosphere in this image are blowing me away. I am amazed at how you've gotten digital to look like watercolor. Thanks for the inspiration.


  11. Wow. Christopher mentions me in your comments. How cool. Thanks Chris!

    Great stuff man. You have mad painterly skills. I can't help but wonder about this painting though. It's inviting because I want to dive into it, leap over the crevasse, jump up and ledge grab the corner, rotate around, and dyno up and mantel onto the overhung walkway. Somehow I must proceed to the doorway with the mysterious man in silhouette.

  12. Tamte: Thanks so much! Lots of dirty tricks involved, it's a bit of a battle to get digital not to look so digital :) Used a bit of Painter in that one actually. Cheers!
    monsterzero: Hey! Thanks so much for dropping by! I've gotten a stack of great ideas on how to use sketchup from your blog! Very cool stuff man! Hahaha, love your parkour exploits in that painting ;)