Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday is for Painting.

Spent most of the day painting, felt good - real good. HuWAH. Anyhow, a few from today that I liked :)


  1. HuWAH! ^^ I like the first one best, but the skies are so gloomy in all but the last piece; didn't you look outside today? It was beautiful, sunny and clear! Cheer up and open the blinds occasionally sucka!

  2. Agree with Micah, first one is your best. You're doing much better with more asymmetrical comps and I like that rich, rusty sand color something fierce :D

  3. Whhhhattttt??? Characters????? Is there no limit to your madness?? Great stuff man! But... I have a question though... are they fast zombies, or slow zombies???