Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Presidents Day is for Painting. Painting ZOMBIES!

Zombiesss! Fun to step outside of environments for a short spell. Here are some mutant zombies! WOO!
Hopefully they aren’t too dark. Did I mention I hate monitors?


  1. Creepy! Damn I am going to have nightmares now. Thanks a lot...

  2. look nice, but i see them too dark. :(

  3. I spent like 3 hours trying to calibrate my monitor the other day. Just can't get it right, zombies look great over here though. cool stuff.

  4. I spent forever calibrating my monitor as well and these zombies look dark to me. I hate monitors!

    Fantastic zombz though, Tom. Love them!

  5. I like your ZOMGies more than pretzels.

  6. NIce Dude. I can imagine waking up in the middle of the night and see him standing in the corner of the room staring at me with his un-eyes.

  7. wow man, you have been a busy guy, i cant belive how cool all your stuff is. really good stuff here man! always great to see!

  8. great stuff, i dig the enviro paintings a lot...and the demos were inspirational regardless if you liked to outcome. cheers!

  9. Man! Characters!!!!! Yeah!
    These zombies look awesome Tom!

  10. Nice "Silent Hill" vibe to these guys.

  11. geez, really creepy D: And it has this Silent Hill feeling <3 *repeats*
    Will you colour it? :)

  12. hey tom! it's me, Mall. thanks for leaving me your comment on my blog, I'm quite pleased! Glad you loved my paintings, thank you so much! I already discovered your artworks in Gorilla artfare site past few weeks ago, I loved your incredible landscapes! They remind me of Monkey Island adventurous game. :D

    I put your blog in my blogroll 'coz I like your cool digital illustrations! Keep it up, dude tom! :D

  13. Heh cool stuff man. Great rendering!

  14. thanks for the sugar

    you jiggle my bits

  15. great stuff - love the organic feel of these.

  16. Wow, so nice. But i'm sure they stink extremly:)

  17. Hot Hot HOT!!! Love the paintings of the beach the most

  18. Wow, you have some really awesome stuff on here.

    Heh, I always had problems with monitors as well...but I think that is just the nature of the digital medium. You will always have variations between monitors...especially the people who never calibrate their monitors. One thing you can try is to buy a monitor calibration puck. I bought one and it was well worth it. They are usually over $100.

  19. goddamn. these are flippin sweet. Love your blog BTW.

  20. Woa, killer layouts/bg's man! I'll come visit more often.


  21. Alright, spring break is over. Your public is waiting for more.

  22. Sam: Zombie nightmares? Why do they have to be bad? I have Zombie dreams and they are sweet! Zombie hunt!

    Diantres: I've calibrated my monitor with an expensive gadget, I think these are showing the proper range. I dunno, I hate monitors. Have you calibrated yours?

    Matt Dalluhn: Death to monitors! Thanks dude!

    Matt Berger: Boooo to monitors, let's unionize! Thanks buddy!

    Ryan Wood: :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge dude, been very helpful.

    Alan Tew: More than pretzels?! Alan Tew! I like you more than pretzels sir.

    Jason Kim: These are friendly zombies. Protectors of justice and Alan Tew's pretzels. How've you been? You should stop by and we should get lunch!

    Aaron: Thanks dude! :D How you been?

    Wayne Porter: Thanks a ton dude. Really glad that people enjoy the demonstrations.

    Sebastien Gallego: Glad you are back in Utah buddy! Thanks for the kind words!

    Kevin Keele: Thanks dude! And thanks for sharing your knowledge at work, I learned some real goodies.

    Saskia: <3 I love your art. I'm too lazy to color these, I'd much rather make something new I think. Hehe.

    Mall: <3 I love your art too! Makes me happy with smiles. Thanks for the kind words Mall :)

    Rich Doble: Haha, I can't keep track of all those 1's and 0's. Thanks a ton Rich, really enjoyed your video!

    GHGraphics: Thanks very much!

    GhettoFab: MEL! you jiggle my bits too @_@. Uhm, How's the new building? Does it feel empty like my heart after you fall liners left? Harrrrrrr.

    Marcobucci: Thanks dude!

    Joern: They smell of donuts with sprinkles my friend. It's an evolutionary trap designed to draw their natural prey of humanity into their clutches. Or something. Thanks!

    Victoria Ying:
    Thanks Girly! Do you have IM? I want to hear what you have been up to!!

    Francis Vallejo: Thanks for the push dude! How've you been man? Seems like you are blowing up; don't forget me when you are famous.

    Daarken: Thanks dude! You've been an inspiration since I started this art stuff. Took your advice and bought a calibrator, hopefully things will look proper in the future.

    abeoh!: Thanks very much!

    alexandre: Dude! Thanks for dropping by! I love your stuff. I want to see Scorbu dude, lemme see it! :D

    Nathan Fowkes: Yes sir! Hehehe, I wish I went on vacation. Just been busy with work :) Thanks for the encouragement, got me to update!

  23. TOMMMMMMMMM super cool stuff, really impressed by your work. hope everythings going well, talk to you later, take carez man.