Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heads or Tails?

Been a long long time since I've sat down and done any personal painting. Felt good to finish this up tonight. I might return to it later and give it more polish, but for now I want to move on.

It's interesting, I've found that it's best to get away from the sort of subjects I deal with at work both in order to keep things fresh and interesting as well as in order to protect the mindset used for work projects. I'm thinking lately this means I'll play with more sci-fi and structures at home, maybe some creatures and characters every once in a while.

Anyhow, less talk more paint:


  1. there's an interesting buttery feel through most of your paintings. Makes them look delicious =p. keep posting.

  2. So you have a blog aside from your web page... gooddie :)

  3. I don't know why but I could assure that you had another web page, aside this one, I looked it up and I cant find it, I must had dream it :P

    Anyway iv always liked your color schemes and designs, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Awesome as usual. Very interesting creatures. At first glance I thought they were sheep but as I looked closer they aren't even terrestrial. I like your work because it doesn't look "concept art" even though that is your job. A lot of artists adopt that style in the field and it can look great obviously but I like your stuff because It looks more painterly which is more refreshing. Keep it up of course.

  5. Beautiful painting Tom. Those animal things are bad ass.

  6. ohh you really look very professional, I'm so impressed I wanna just hold you and tell you all the supressed terrible thoughts i have.

    OH! sorry man, nice piece looks very good like a place i wanna be :)

  7. Good god you are gorgeous. I mean your painting is gorgeous.

    Good god you are gorgeous, though.

  8. Awesome stuff, man. I got turned onto your style from

    One question: I'm great at people, but I can never seem to think of any environments to paint. How do you get ideas for all this? Is there any quick inspirational things you do to come up with something to paint?

  9. nice Thom, great sense of space.

  10. What type of animals have you got roaming around that landscape?! Excellent work as always. Hope to see more from you.

  11. great job lil tommy - feels like a nice subtle narrative happening (or is about to happen)
    Great piece

  12. Benjamin Plouffe: Thank you sir, maybe I should look into a line of edible cake paintings. Cheers~!

    Maxetormer: Hehehe, no webpage - just the blog. Thanks dude!
    ghgraphics: Why thank you
    sirrrrrr! Been enjoying your updates, keep them rolling homey!

    Dillon Thompson: 3 walnuts! Let's plein aire some shiz up foo!

    Nathan Fowkes: Thanks for keeping an eye on me, makes me happy!

    David Rapoza Art!: I wish the ladies felt the same way :O Thanks buddy!

    cody: What is with the man love on this post !!! Is it the phallic shaped plant life?! Where are the ladies!? Anyhow, *cough* thanks!
    duane: Thank you kindly! As for your question - you've got to input in order to output. Feed your brain with environment visuals and it will take better care of you. As far as my methods - often I don't use any reference or inspiration and just sort of go where the painting takes me, but this still utilizes everything I've ever seen and painted and seen painted! I also keep a fat fat folder full of inspiration and dig through it if I'm having trouble. Hope that helps and cheers!

    Ben Maurooooo: Hey buddy! Give me some art knowledges! Sorry we didn't get to meet up at Gnomon, I ended up not being able to make it. Shucks howdy.

    Janecake: Jane is alive! Glad to see you updating again!

    danielle b: They are flatheaded hairless goatfish of course. Thank you kindly for the kind words!

    Scott Altmann: Thank you friendo! I've been trying to play with narrative a little more - something I have rarely done in the past. Cheers dude, keep it freshhhhhh.

  13. hey nice piece. i like the focus the light source creates, and nice work in general!

  14. they definitly are chaseing tail ^^

    yours Infinit

  15. I am so in love with your colors. Damn!

  16. Matthew Lau: Why thank you much! I've got to push my lighting more, needs more direction and shadows.. I've been lazy!

    Anonymous: Kekeke, cheers dood! Get a blog!

    Emma: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you! I am so in love with your drawerings. Still bummed I didn't meet you at ComicCon! :(