Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joe Olson needs to draw more.

Another one in this recent series of sorts, a bit quicker and sloppier; especially with the tack on figure :) . I think it's time to play with something else.

Did this at work the other day for our group blog:

The lines were kindly provided by the Illustrious Joe Olson, who needs to draw more and show me at work and make tshirts.

Values look so different at work than at home :\


  1. great soft feel to your artwork!
    Is that some sort of filter fx?
    I dig your style man,


  2. fun stuff. I remember ben talking about your work. never seen it until now. Nice job.

  3. Amazing stuff on this blog . . . awesome work!

  4. i wish I wuz you.... I would always be around me so I couldnt miss my self plus I could die a happy person

    beeeeutiful stuff mr skullz

  5. Great stuff! Your environments all have a great vibe to them. Oh and make Tew do another tutorial whenever he has some freetime. Would appreciate it =)

  6. really nice. I like the lighting on that cave sketch!

  7. haha, yeah, going to need a lot of luck on my LMS. ahh well, maybe next time.

  8. lovely sense of lighting in all your work!

  9. Beautiful work here! wield that box full of crayon doom with skill.

  10. Ben Mauro: Thank ya sir, hope to see you at ComicCon. Whiskey shots! Oh, loved your LMS!

    Cecil B Demented: Thank you much! Softness hmm? I sometimes do some post process selective gaussian blur to further tweak my edges but other than that it's probably just the way I paint; generally with a round brush. Great great stuff on your blog, makes me jealous!

    Ghgraphics: Thank you sir, you've definitely been kicking ass lately!

    j.d.turley: Thank dude! Love your stuff. Why didn't Ben tell me about your stuff! Daaaaaamn!

    jason seiler: Why thank you sir, means a lot coming from yourself.

    ghettofab: For a nominal fee of 29.95 you can be me! Includes a hat. Thanks for the kind words buddy, we need to do lunch!!!

    Ounce: Thank you kindly! Haha, I can't make Mr. Tew do anything! Nor would I! However, he's more than happy - eager even to do more demonstrations once work lets up :)

    marcobucci: Thanks dude! Lovely paints on your blog as of late! I've got to get my oils outside.

    lorraine: Thanks very much!

    Jared Shear: Hahaha, it's a cursed crayon box, I don't wield it - it wields me :O Thanks dude!

  11. Love the color and light on that top one.

  12. Kat: Thanks much!
    Sam: Hey dude! Happy to see you on the blog :) Was just thinking about how much I've learned from you.
    Adam: Thank ya sir!