Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boycott Winter! Join the fight!

Been awhile! I'm back to painting personal art, I think the holiday vacations played a vital role in that. I've been doing studies and such since the last post but hadn't done any personal illustrations.

Anyhow, this is a quicker one. Lots that could and should be fixed but I'm ready to move on, speaking of which - a few more paintings in the pipeline and hopefully soon.

New things; Manual Opacity, No pressure sensitive opacity, some new color thoughts, pinlight fill layers, crazy amount of layer effect glazing. Check the PSD below if you are interested, it has the full messy process, hehe.


  1. Wow, thanks a ton for including the psd file! This is a really sophisticated image too, really nice color and edge control.

  2. I thought I'd get some inspiration and find an update! The colours!!!!! my eyes say thank you.

  3. I'm super interested in the .psd but over the holidays I'm stuck with this crummy laptop and I KNOW it can't handle that sort of file format. Painting looks great though!

  4. Nice work Tom, I love seeing colours like this, especially when it's so cold outside! This image has a very dreamlike quality to it.

    Glad to see that you liked my advice about the pointers, they're very subtle but work nicely.

    PS. And I thought you used a lot of layers in the last image! Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see your thought process

  5. holy shit tom, that's marvellous! thanks for the inspiration, which is highly needed here. hehe... that psdfile was teaching and so... i dunno, different to my approach. really fresh.

  6. Greetings Tom:)

    Gotta check the psd file. Man, your work always blows me away at conceptart.

  7. yourebad asss mutha

    Im sure santa was especially nice to you this year

    I wish i were you still...

  8. HA! thanks Tom, great work as usual, so sexy...

  9. This is a beauty, Tom! Very kind of you to share the source file too, I'll have to take a look.

  10. I like the way you are pushing the color variation more. I like the monochromatic stuff too, but this has some nice color effects happening. And have a nice lunch.

  11. O___o no words!. awesome!

  12. I love your looseness, really nice work

  13. Actually, I wish it was tighter. But I definitely love the colors, esp. the way it resembles traditional oil paint. Do you practice traditionally nowadays?

  14. trees aren't blue and green and purple and and.. aah brain malfunction too many crazy colors

    i got a blog too, you link me and i link you? :)

  15. ow you already got my site, mayby you can chnge it to my blog my site is oooooold

  16. colours and the style look awesome! great to see you posting.

    cheers mate

  17. thanks for the comment earlier, man I gotta see how you paint! these are just mind boggling

  18. Oh ! you updated ! Awesome pic tom ! :) Thanks a lot for sharing !

  19. Thanks for that psd. very informative! Love you color cents.(haha, pun)

    I'd really dig seeing some more narrative in your work.


  20. I love that kind of pics dude ;) have a nice week

    hello from france huhuhu


  21. Really nice, man. Great to see you pushing in new directions. The crazy thing: I just started playing with manual flow w shift-number keys!

  22. I really dig the color palette. Well, I've always enjoyed your usage of colors.

    I agree with Carguin. Not that I'm qualified to critique, but perhaps it is missing the distinguishing contrast on the focal point. Maybe the girl could be sharper against the softer edges of the tree branches?

    Manual opacity! Haha. I remember the first advice (which I truly appreciate) you had shared with me about setting my brush with opacity and flow to pen pressure on my tablet in order to blend more intuitively. You've said that you never understood the reason for manual opacity. I wonder what has changed :)

    And thanks for sharing the PSD!

  23. Thank you very much for this very helpful demo.

  24. Very nice, and thanks for the PSD. I set up a blogspot! Check it out.


  25. mclean: My pleasure dude, hope it can inspire. Thanks for the kind words!

    SP: Awwww too kind. Glad to have you keep stopping by.

    Hunter: Poop, PSD's are just photoshop files. I think maybe the free software GIMP can handle them? I don't know. Holidays should be over anyhow, hope they were of some interest! Cheers!

    Pinflux: Thank ya kindly! Lovely stuff as of late!

    David Cousens: Hey buddy! Yeah been having fun with colors. Keke, yeah I've been going nuts on the layers. But it's always fun and often useful to see the progress. I will sometimes end up going back quite a few steps, finding that it was better than the changes I had made.

    Alex D: Thanks dood, where the hell you been? Glad the PSD was helpful :)

    Sean Thurlow: Much Apreciated dude. Hope the PSD was of some use!

    Ghettofab: Aww shucks howdy. Santa doesn't bring me presents anymore, must have been something I said. Looking forward to working with you dudesmith. Just wish it was under better circumstances.

    jpforjohnpark: Welcome dude, love what you have been up to! Thanks back at ya!

    C.B. Canga: Thank ya kindly!

    Marco Bucci: Thanks dude!

    pumml: Hey man, how's life treating ya? Maybe I have mentioned it before but you should check out the CA.org workshop happening at the end of march in Dallas. Do it do it.

    Dave McClellan: Thanks so much Mr. Dave, it is in no small part to your influence. Good ramen today!

    Oop, got to go - get the rest tonight or so!

  26. Nacho: No wordddds! But thank you!

    Ty Carter: Thanks so much!

    Carguin: heyyyyyyy thanks for critiquing lady! How are youuuu? Say hello to Marc Taro. I don't get nearly enough traditional in unfortunately. I try and use pencil as much as I can but yeah, not much paint.

    Rustam F. Hasanov: Thanks dude!

    Jens: Yes they areeeeeeee! They are many many colors in many many different lights! Yay. How you doing man? Did I link you yet?

    Krossj: Thank you sir thank you! How's the art coming?

    jpforjohnpark: Hay! You commented already! I will trade you, show me how you paint and I will show you how I paint!

    Daniel: Thank you kindly!

    Adam Tamte Volker: Thanks dude, glad you liked the PSD. As always I love what you are up to. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Gax: Thank you sir, hello to france :) Long time fan here.

    Mark Behm: Markkkkkkk, how are you sir? I still remember bumping into you every five minutes in Seattle :) yeehaw. Thanks for the shift+number keys mention, I didn't actually know that... I just always had it switched to airbrush. Cheers!

    shou': Woooooo hey hey hey! Thanks so much for the critique! I still stand by using pressure sensitive opacity for just about all situations, it's just sometimes you are after a special effect you know? It's a bit messier but it's interesting. Cheers!

    Kevin Keele: Thank you my friend! Let's see some more art soooooooooon!

    Victor P.Corbella: You are very much welcome, glad it was of use!

    Nathan Andrew: Happy you enjoyed the PSD, nice blog senor!

    Pito: Awww, shucks! Thank you.

  27. man this is really nice has a calm feel to it,

  28. Sexy! Beautiful work.

  29. Wow, quite a sense of color, light and shape.