Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And yet ... more winter.

Snowed again today. February always tricks me once or twice. Tch tch.

Tired of working on this one, lots of problems and a broken composition. Yet, time to move on :)

I'm going to go reply to the last post now :)


  1. Well, regardless of what you imagine/know to be imperfections, it makes a great desktop for me!

  2. Hey man! That are some beautiful colors! Loving it!

  3. Sublime, I love it - very inspirational! N

  4. Looks like an awesome children's book spread. Brilliant colors man... god damn.

  5. These colours are absolutely beautiful Thomas! Did you reference an aged photo or something?

  6. The colors... ahh the colors. I can dig it :)

  7. I am always happy beyond all reason when you post. Gorgeous stuff always!

  8. 'No color reference, just playing with photoshop's wonderful editing tools until I feel strongly about something.

    Love what you do with your sketches. What is it you do to them in post?'

    Awesome. I checked out your previous post's process a while back and it was very interesting and alien to me.

    I usually just chuck my sketches through a gradient map, which is always wonderfully fun to play with. I'll often muck around with gaussian and surface blurs and blending options as well.

  9. Color master!!!. keep up the GREAT work!

  10. nothing wrong with that composition

  11. The colors are sweet man. For a unfinished piece I can still really dig it.

  12. beyootiful recent posts!

    in reply to your comment: yep, chrystalchan.blogspot.com

    thanks again for stopping by

  13. This new stuffs you are doing are real purdy likes!

  14. This is really beautiful - it has a nice feel to it. Your art is wonderful :)

  15. Hey bud, nice work! Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog lately...your a great artist AND a great guy!

  16. sup Tom

    great updates dude, your work keeps amazing me

    ps: i thought it was about time to put a link to your blog on my blog

    keep on rocking

  17. More! The soft edges remind me of the Bambi backgrounds! <3

  18. I'm impressed by your amazing art! Your layout,design and color skills are simply beautiful!

  19. I love you and your art :]

  20. real nice sense of light in this. Interesting palette too.

  21. your stuff is grossly awesome =(

  22. HA I'll be gross, you can keep the awesome

  23. Alysha: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Shucks.
    Goro: Goro, how the hell are you dude? How's your new(ish) job? Need to catch you on MSN or something...
    Neil Roberts: Happy to inspire, thank ya!
    Hunter: Thanks dude, could be fun to do a childrens book.
    Emrah ELMASLI: Yo dude! You haven't updated since december :( Hope to see some new art soon!
    Pinflux: Thank ya sir. No reference, just lots of playing in photoshop :) It's also recycled from the picture before it. Oh yeah, forgot I answered the question on your blog. Good to know about how you play with your sketches in post, will give it a try. Thanks!
    Johnny: Hay dood, how you livin?
    Emma: Awww, I think I told you already but that's the sweetest comment I could ever hope to recieve.
    nACHO: haha, naww I'm just getting started I think.
    karlsimon: Thank ya sir, just not good enough I guess?
    sean Thurlow: Thanks dude! Hehe, I should finish paintings some time...
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    Alina Chau: Thank ya kindly!
    Josef Knoll: Thaaaaaaaaaanks!
    Adam Ford: Aww shucks. You sir are a constant inspiration, been checking how my image reads in saturation and hue a lot more lately. Been good.
    Becky: Nooooo, your art is wonderful. UVU hmm? Having fun?
    kyle: Thank ya kindly!
    ljay: Aww shucks, thanks man - we need to have lunch or something dood! Hope things are working out.
    Brun: Thanks dude. I put a link up for you too :)
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  24. you are such a champ.