Saturday, September 18, 2010

GW2 Commoner's Market Process PSD

Download the Layered Process PSD for Photoshop: Click!

I've not shared a process .psd for far too long and felt this might be the perfect image to do just that. You can get a glimpse at some process, technique and how things need to be processed to be animated.

My workshop down below has just about sold-out, so if you were in the area and interested:
Now's the time to sign-up. We can high-five in person if you do!

Been doing my best with weekly updates at The Sketchpad of Doom.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Canada

Hey Vancouver, I'm coming to town on Oct. 9th to teach a workshop for Daisho.
You can expect to see many different processes, techniques and tools uniquely Digital.

I'd hope to see you there, we can talk about art and maybe even highfive.
Please see here for more information:
There's only 30 seats, so do hurry if you're interested.