Sunday, March 20, 2011


Unused art from an unannounced cancelled project. Though at this point years old, much affinity still remains, even as difficult as it is to look back at one's previous work without some disregard. Some wonderful years spent with wonderful people on a once wonderful project.

A small sampling of the paintings.

Upcoming FuturePoly Online Masterclass

I'm honored and excited to take part in FuturePoly's upcoming Online Digital Painting Masterclass. My lecture, demonstration and individual critiques will focus on the unique tools and benefits of digital art that help make creation and design easier and more efficient than ever.

It's online so it's available to everyone and I'll personally do my best to make sure it's more than worth the already reasonable price.

Further details:

This is an eight-week online class meeting once a week. Each session will alternate between eight master instructors and feature a unique lecture and painting demonstration. At the end of each lecture, the instructor will announce an assignment that pertains to their demo that week. Students can post their assignments in our forums, receive critiques, interact with classmates, and of course ask questions.

Master Instructors for this course will be:

Daniel Dociu, Chief Art Director, NCsoft North America
Kekai Kotaki, Concept Art Lead, ArenaNet
Richard Anderson, Cinematic Concept Artist, ArenaNet
Horia Dociu, Cinematic Team Lead, ArenaNet
Jason Stokes, Lead Prototype Artist, ArenaNet 
Levi Hopkins, Concept Artist, ArenaNet
Thomas Scholes, Freelance Concept Artist
Matthew Barrett, Concept Artist, ArenaNet

Visit to view the syllabus and register.