Tuesday, August 2, 2022


I'm so bad with updating. In truth I have done very little personal art since the last update. I am consumed with my efforts at work and am happy to say it has been fulfilling most of my artistic hunger and has resulted in many recent breakthroughs. I now truly understand the pain of NDA's.

Work aside - most of the time and energy I put aside for personal endeavors has been invested in the Last Man Standing contest (Thanks Cody!). Contests always pressure me to expand and explore even more than usual - sometimes perhaps too much. I'm still a little mentally sapped from the following entries. Flawed as they are, the knowledge gained has been completely worth it.

I had a lot of trouble concerning monitors and values on these two as well. I have a habit or perhaps a penchant for using subtle value differences at the extreme ends of the spectrum. I'm practically asking for trouble. :|

Characters are hard!

Thanks to everyone encouraging me to update, makes me very happy!