Sunday, October 7, 2007

Video Demosssh

Three 30 minute Video Demonstrations:
Nothing fancy, just a few quick black and white sketches. Wanted to show the process and a few different techniques to some friends.

I've got full resolution video's hosted if you'd like, just give me a shout.

Here are some Sumi Ink, White Acrylic and Digital experiments.
Just quick stuff, but loads of fun:


  1. Those three new colored landscapes are fantastic Tom. I think these are the best I've seen from you yet. They ooze with life. Big step brother.

  2. The latest stuff with ink and digital is great, Tom. Keep explorate this, it seems so promising ! ^^
    Cheers, amigo !

  3. Thanks for the vids. Very nice work-flow break down.

  4. Nice Tom! You have incredible control...Nice composition!

    How's it going? Haven't seen you forever!

  5. Dude this stuff is so unreal. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. WOO! Good inspiration at work!

  6. Wow!!.. tutorials to learn!!.. thanks a lot!!..

    Shout!3 I think..

  7. "Those three new colored landscapes are fantastic Tom. "

    These really stood out to me too. That middle one is all sorts of awesome. Hold on to that one- Might want to work that up one day.

    Gotta check these vids out...*leans back in chair, cracks a beer---looks down and realizes it's really a can of V8....low sodium*
    (i'm old now)

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  9. way sweet stuff man! keep it up, and thaks for showing your proccess

  10. Sorry Tom, I had a laugh at Scott's beer turning into a bottle of low sodium v8. hahaha. priceless.

    still love the work mate!

    I lost MS messenger when I upgraded to a new computer. I'll have to download it again. :O

  11. Thanks for the sharing the videos. It looks like the mentoring is truly on it's way with Idiot Apathy as the captain.

    I agree with Scott about the environments. They're fantastic, but the middle one has a special feel; it reminds me of Blizzard's Diablo franchise.

    And I don't know how you can drink a can of V8 Scott. That is an impressive feat, all by itself.

  12. I'm taking wagers on just how long before Tom strikes a film deal with Gnomon. Anyone? Anyone?

  13. i love the demos...very inspiring.


  14. yo essay! you're a big fat cow, you know! great great great! hope things are good for you dude. cheers!

  15. Nice work! Love those B&W paintings and the videos are great.

    Thanks for the comment to my blog

  16. You're too modest. You know you deserve to be in there :P

    Thanks for the comment dude. Much appreciated. And your videos are useful. thanks for posting them!


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  18. *faints with "awesome" last on the mind*

  19. Nice looking work brother. I especially like the black and white landscape with the solitary figure.

  20. Great work! Your blog is excellent.
    I like very much.

  21. Nice landscapes, look forward to seeing more.

    What's the music you used for the background?

  22. The demonstration was very nice. I really love how you reused elements in the scene to create new elements and depth.

  23. Nice visual and graphic sense of these brush strokes!

  24. Just found these!
    Awesome vids, Tom!
    Love the whole random approach you get with the copy-paste and transforming going on! I occasionally do that myself :)
    Rock on!

  25. Wasker: I think I got you the links, if not they are in the new post :)
    Daniel: Check the new post for links!
    Rich Pellegrino: Thanks buddy! Glad you like those, probably no cooincidence that they have a traditional ink base. Adds a ton! I need to do more. Dude you've been kicking a lot of ass lately! Get your ass back on MSN!
    Julien Alday: Mon ami! Thanks buddy, you know you are an inspiration for my art - I love your experimentalism.
    Dillon Thompson: Hahaha did I pay you to say that? I wouldn't share an office with anyone else buddy.
    Abbey Ash: Abbey! Man we really need to catch up, how's life?!
    Justin: Thanks man! Ooh, I'm going to check to see if you've updated. We need to have lunch or something!
    GhettoFab: Hey buddy! Seems like I never see you anymore :( Imma come harass you soon!
    bog_art: Haha thanks, glad you liked them! Links to full res in the next post.
    Scott Altmann: Thanks a ton Scotty! Dude mix v8 with beer, it's good! And healthy!
    Sebastien Gallego: Mon ami! Teach me art!
    Aaron: Thanks and yeah man! My pleasure. How's school?
    Shou': Hehehe, Cpt Idiot. Glad you enjoyed the videos. v8 isn't that bad, got to keep healthy right? :\ Actually they taste like salty poison.
    Mike Dutton: DUTTONBOOK! Don't make me advertise it here too! Actually I should. Hahaha gnomon wouldn't want my lame crap! Hope you are well buddy!
    Waye Porter: Thanks a ton! So happy I can inspire.
    Mattias: Thanks man! Love your blog, todays entry was especially great.
    Phillip Vose: Hey dude! How the hell you been?! You've vanished from the internets! Imma shoot you an email. I'm old greg.
    naomiful: Hey! I know I know :( Been enjoying your updates though!
    Jennifer T. : Thanks!
    nacho: Check the newest post for links!
    Anthriel: Thanks dude :)
    Joe Watmough: Aww shucks Joe! How's your LMS coming? To the death! Hope things are still good at Spacetime, I read that NCSOFT dropped your title :\ Hope to see some art at least!
    GHGraphics: Hahaha, Thanks man! Glad you liked the videos!
    Matt Berger: DUDE! How the hell you been?!
    Sam: Sup punk!
    Antonio Fernandez: Thanks a ton man!
    Anonymous: Thanks dude! Music was ... let me think. The Controls, Hooverphonic and I think Daedalus.
    !LEON!: Thanks dude! It's a cheap trick and I should do better about covering it up - fun though hehe. Cheers!
    Marcos Mateu: Thanks a ton man :)
    Hideyoshi: Hey dude! I miss seeing your art these days, where are you posting? Cheers man!

  26. Waaaaay too much talent man!
    Beautiful stuff . I keep getting wowed each time I come here .

    Cheers .

  27. Thanks for writing this.

  28. I have recently found your blog and though it is a LONG time since posted, was wondering if you still happened to have the full sized videos you were talking about??

    I would GREATLY appreciate it! Fantastic work.


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  30. Just found your vids Tom - thanks very much! Your work is incredible and a huge source of inspiration. Keep updating - we love your work.


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