Friday, September 11, 2009

Offically Job Hunting

Howdy Folks,

I'm currently looking for a full-time position in the San Francisco and surrounding areas within the fields of Visual Development/Concept Art. If you know of anything that might be a good fit I'd sure appreciate the help :) I've got almost two and a half years experience on 4 titles and am also extremely passionate <3

contact me at thomasscholes at

I've been really enjoying art once again after a few very dormant months and as a result I have been doing about a personal painting a day as well as a few doodles here and there on top of everything else. It's been really fulfilling to expand and explore a bit further than I have been able to lately.

Anyhow, here are a few recent paintings. Some are more finished than others and all could use another layer of polish and refinement but it's time to move on and focus on other weaknesses.


  1. Great stuff all around, but I am particularly moved by the last three; "spectral", "vantage", and "order upon chaos". I suspect you will have little trouble moving forward in your career. Good luck!

  2. freakin A man! is that a spaceship i see?!

  3. Oh my god man... These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm seriously moved by that blue piece. I'd want that to be a fucking real painting I could hang on my wall man. Any of them, actually.

    You seriously just blew my mind. I wish I could paint god damnit.

    I really hope you land an awesome gig man. Work for Blizzard!

  4. Absolutely incredible - you have always been good, but this recent work is above and beyond anything I have seen you produce so far. Just love it - I am always excited to see your new work, keep it up.

    Good luck with your job hunt.


  5. I definetely think you'll have no problem landing a job :) These pieces(and your work in general) is amazing. And if I can do it, so can you!
    Apply everywhere!

  6. This is probably the best work i've seen you do. Breaks are sometimes necessary and it seems like it helped a lot. Don't be a straaanger.

  7. lovely work as always, good luck with the job hunt! san fran is a good area. i would like to move there one day.

  8. Beautiful new pieces. I love the colours you use. They remind me of the different appearance that you get from a disposable camera as opposed to a digital one. It's a great quality for paintings and its very original. Keep it up, and good luck with the job hunting.

  9. This new stuff looks even more refined than the stuff you showed me at comic con - nice job.

    Good luck on the job hunt!

  10. great pieces thomas.. i really like the overcast one the most :0
    good luck with the job :)

  11. Awesome work!..
    I like the "spectral" best.. : )

  12. finding a job with your skills will be easy! goodluck dood, and hopefully you'll get a job around the bay area.

  13. Fantastic as allways. Love the colors and organic and emotional feel, even though they're quite harsh landscapes.

    Good luck with the jobhunt!

  14. Oh geez, that last one is dangerously gorgeous.

    Good luck with the job hunt! It's impossible that somebody doesn't snap you up soon!

  15. I think these are some of your best stuff.

  16. HEllo Doom,
    I was looking at your post on, ( )and I will know something; are you painting with a full opacity pen (100% opacity) ? I suppose that you are using a graphic tablet, and it's very strange when I try to draw with opacity options, but very long when I don't.
    Thank you ^^
    (Sorry for the english, I'm French...)

  17. wow! yr moving? best of luck. your gonna be sumthin big!! lets grab a beer bfor you go

  18. Your work is amazin. I think you will have not problem for doing wathever you want.

  19. SUper awesome as usual Tom!


  20. hello my friend. let me say first that these are very very beautiful. hope you can find the perfect job in san fran. glad i know you. now that that's over with, hope you're doing great and living a good life. talk to you soon homie.

  21. Tooooom, these are really really good. So good that I want to pay you money so I can take your files and make big prints that you sign and I can hang in my house. Whatever you do, don't let the Ava crash scare you away from video games. I want to make these into environments someday. Be my art director in 10 years ya?

  22. Gorgeous work! I'd hire you if I had a company. :p

  23. The way the guy is standing in "vantage"? Perfect. You've really stated to nail people's posture Tom, great work!

  24. awesome stuf man, good luck with a job here though its kinda tough

  25. Thom,

    I am sorry to hear you are out of work man, I can't imagine a talent like yours will be adrift very long. Unless you want to be (haha)

    Seriously though, hang in there.


  26. * sniff sniff * I can bear to think of you so far away.....

  27. grosssss, i'll be keeping an eye out for sure!

  28. I am charmed to your picture whenever I look.
    Light and air and constitution of the space are splendid !!

  29. Hey Tom! Welcome to the west coast!

    Not that I think you'd need it, but do you have a portfolio site? I cant think of anyone not hiring you immediately based on your blog work, but maybe it would be good to also have like a "premier blog", with a few select examples of your best work, and maybe a resume and some links to your published titles.

    Either way, I'll keep my eye out here in LA if I see any positions come my way. Good luck!

  30. Good luck dude! Great stuff as always.

  31. Man your paintings are sick Tom!!!! really love the first one.

    Hows everything going?

  32. Woah, woah, woah!!!!

    Been awhile since I've been by here. I saw your post on conceptart and was floored. Honestly these are some of your finest and your style seriously shines in these one.

    Honestly I know they say the market is hard out there but I can't see how your wouldn't get hired for something soon with those stunning pieces.

    Best of luck in your search.

  33. Wow, amazing work. The atmosphere is so deep - really rare to see art like that.
    I'll have to check by here again - hope to see more soon :D

    Thank you also for posting the PSD of your progress. Always nice to get some insight.

  34. very cool stuff Tom Scholes 8)..! I'm sure a gust of wind will pic you up very soon if it hasn't already :) your name flies around a lot online :D have an awesome day!

  35. Micah: Thanks brother. Always intriquing to see the different favorites. Thanks for the well wishing.

    A.j. Trahan: Hahaha, nah! It's a submarine! Hehehe, been good working with you lately dude. Much respect!

    Hunter: Wow dude, high praise! I'm not worthy! Thanks for the well wishes!

    JordanPatchak: Thanks very much, I really tried to push myself on these and on everything since; makes me really happy to see that it's paid off. Thanks for wishing me luck !

    Lady T: Thanks for the vote of confidence! Finally getting around to applying everywhere this weekend :) You're too kind!

    Johnny: Hey man, hope things are well with you :) It was a break, but it was also kind of a dark time for my art. It felt so good to break free of that and enjoy art again. We should catch up soon :)

    Ian Jacobson: Thanks very much! I'd love to move there too but have my eyes open now to a few more places. Good luck to you moving there too!

    Finn Clark: Thanks very much! Intriquing insight and something to think about. Thanks for the well wishes :)

    erwannbrun: Hahahaha <3 I like your art and how you draw :)

    Jeremy Elder: Thanks man! It's funny I have a couple of those comiccon portfolios left and they don't have this current work and a few others in it so I don't much feel like sending them out to recruiters haha. Poop! Thanks for wishing me luck !

    Geoff Shupe: Hahaha for sure man! Just let me know :D Havent seen you in awhile; hope everything is good for you and you are starting your search up again!

    Gabriele Pasqualino: Thanks man, been enjoying what you are cooking lately :)

    A.P. Thanks very much!

    Crooked Fat: Thanks man, means a ton. I've been really enjoying your blog lately you crazy bastard! If I end up in the bay we have to get drank!

    watmough: Back at you Joe :) Where are you these days? I just may end up in Texas someday soon, need another drinking buddy?

    JonasKärn: Thank you very much! What do you mean by harsh landscapes? Seems like some interesting insights :) Thanks for wishing me luck !

    A. Riabovitchev: Thank you kindly !

    Ty Carter: Hey thanks man ! Appreciate your help recently!

    irma kniivila: Thanks so much! Hahah I'm hopeful that I will find a good fit soon. Thanks for wishing me luck! I'll need it !

    Dave McClellan: Thank you Dave! It's been great to know and work with you. Since the very start til the very end I've learned a great deal from you. The tutorials you started for the interns was a really great thing you did.

    Anonymous: Hello :) Your english is great. Usually I paint with 100% opacity and a variety of flow settings (from 10% to 40% to 100%) with both opacity and flow set to pen pressure on the tablet. However lately I have been experimenting with lowered opacity and have enjoyed the texture and richeness that have resulted. Different tools for different jobs is all :) Hope that answers your question. Feel free to ask again or email me !

    hummdrumm: Hey man, been meaning to call you up! Life is so crazy lately. Yeah I will hopefully be moving soon; I really love SLC but have got to spread my wings a little you know? We definitely have to grab some beers. Cheers !

    oriol: Thanks so much! You are too kind !

    SIM-R: Thanks Simon, really been enjoying your art lately as always :)

    Phillip Vose: Likewise phil, I'm glad to know you and I really hope life is great for you but I know you and I think the type of guy you are it's always good to you and is a good life and this sentence is really complicated. You're a badass phil :) We should definitely catch up soon. Who knows, might find myself down in the LA area in the near future :)

  36. El Fro: Hehehe sure man, if you want prints of anything just tag me! I love videogames and I've come to terms with the ava crash. Hahaha, awwww that is such a huge compliment! I'd die to see some of my environments from our shelved project modelled. Such a shame! Some day maybe I will be a real concept artist with a real game hahahah.

    Sang Han: Hahaha thanks! You should hurry and start a company!

    David Cousens: Thanks Dave :) You helped with that you know!

    Mike: Hahah thanks! Gloomy prospects eh? I'll do my best!

    Adam Tamte Volker: Thanks man, I'm still employeed. Just doing some soul searching you know. Really appreciate all your help dude, I owe you beerrrrrr. Cheers!

    GhettoFab: Come with me! Let's run away together!

    Toby: !!! hahah whats gross?! Cheers dude!

    toronn: Aww, arigatou ! Kochirakoso! :)

    Demonhand: Hey Carl ! Not on the west coast yet! I've got that premier blog for sure ;) Thanks for your help dude! I want to see some new art from you so bad !!!

    Joe: Thanks Joe, your support means a ton.

    John: Thanks very much ! I know too many Johns and your profile doesnt link me to any information; which John is this? Things are going great :)

    Trashy: hehehe, Thanks so much. I really worked and pushed hard on these. I had so much artistic intentions that went ignored for a few months that they all just came flooding out. Felt great! Thanks for wishing me luck!

    Thomas Schmall: Thanks so much and I'm really glad the PSD was helpful. I'll have to post a few more.

    James Wolf: Thanks very much sir! Hehehe, really? My names flies around?! weeeeee. Cheers man, you have an awesome day too!

  37. beautiful work Tom!! miss seeing ya around.

  38. super awesome mega powah work you Tom of Toms you.

  39. Awesome work. Its amazing. The photos are inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing it here. By the way I came to know about Cloudjobs through my job search. i got a good job by them.