Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PSD Visual Walkthrough: Oppidum Nocturne

Had a few requests to share some process .PSDs, I hope it can be of use:

Done my best to clean this one up, reduce file size, but keep as much relevant information intact as possible. What isn't shown is the large amount of time spent revising, revisiting and otherwise experimenting.

More progress to share on the Oppidum Prototype soon !


  1. awesome Tom, love the shapes!

  2. Cheers, Tom! Process gif is mesmerising :o

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, man!

  4. Just got to check out the PSD--so awesome! Thanks for sharing, Tom!

  5. i like! so good, is really cool


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  6. Really great stuff. I love love love the sample of oppidum on you tube. Hope that gets made (with Iphone version too).

    You've shared so much, but I'm still puzzled by the very first steps you've taken... in the psd file, in the "sketch" group... how did you draw/paint/shape the wooden pieces that build the basis for the image? That's the bit that I'm dying to know...

    and also... do you use a perspective grid?

    1. Thanks very much !

      The first few steps are actually copy pasted from a few previous paintings. Semi-abstract sections implemented as structural walls. I enjoy recycling, nothing goes to waste ! :)

      I don't usually use a perspective grid as I don't usually focus too much on perspective... though admittedly I don't always get away with being sloppy. At most I'll set up a very simple 1PP and eyeball the rest.

      Keep an eye out for the next prototype video in the next few days...

  7. cheers for the feedback, Tom. Can't wait for more prototypes. :)