Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Light Grey Art Lab Show

Was honored to be invited to participate in Light Grey Art Labs upcoming show Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition. Based off the incredible and incredibly long artist list and the pre-order preview of the limited edition Tarot deck they've shown, it looks to be an amazing showing.

Above is my version of The Tower. I know it deviates a little bit from the traditional imagery,
 but I thought it would be fun to tie it into the world I'm currently creating with my personal projects. 

Again, you can preorder a handsome Tarot deck with everyone's art for the show here for just $25

Very affordable prints will also be made available once the show opens, keep an eye out on their blog.


  1. Wow Tom! - loving all this latest moody art .
    Just so enjoyable to digest .

  2. Oooooohhh.... Sweeeeet!

    Min was here for a week. He got even better, can you believe that?


  3. Your image of the tower looks awesome. Great imagination, I would love to do a psychic tarot reading with this.